Divine Health, LLC

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Mila Balls

1 cup Genesis Pure Mila Chia seed

½ c   Almond Butter

½ c   Sunflower Butter

½ c   Carob or Cocao Powder

¼ c   Raw Honey (or less of) or 2 T stevia

2-4 T Hot water to mix

Roll into balls and then roll into shredded coconut flakes. Place in snack plastic bags and freeze! Great to grab as you go out the door for the day!

Protein Shake

1 scoop Genesis Pure Mila chia seed

1 scoop Genesis Pure greens

1 scoop Genesis Pure "New" 360 Protein Powder

Place in plastic bags in refridgerator Easy to grab and go! Put in shaker bottle/one bottled water! Great to pack when traveling.

Chocolate Mila Pudding

2 cups      Coconut water

1 cup       Coconut or almond milk

2 scoops  Cacao Genesis Pure Healthtrim Complete Shake

1 cup       Organic fruit (frozen)

1 cup       Low fat plain Kefir

4 T.         Genesis Pure Mila Chia Seed

Blend ingredients in blender and refrigerate overnight. Serves 4