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About Dr. Lori Dubetz, ND

At Detox4Vitality, we are focused on providing nutritional services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

After removal of her appendix and a near death experience in December 2011, Dr. Lori realized there is more to health than diet and exercise. She decided to go back to college to study holistic nutrition and became a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy in January 2007. Through her studies, she has concluded that being aware of lifestyle choices, eating super foods, and ingesting the highest quality herbal formulas, will enable the body to heal itself.  

Dr. Lori was introduced to Nutrition Response Testing in September of 2007. This technique is beneficial to accurately analyze the nutritional deficiencies in an individual's body to heal itself. Dr. Lori graduated in 2009 in and became an (ACT) Advanced Clinical Training practitioner. With many positive results from the use of herbs and whole food nutrition supplements, Dr. Lori has found the answer to restore health to her own body and share that wisdom with others. In 2010, Dr. Lori became a member of "Health Centers of the Future" mentored by Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.PSc. and discovered that she was highly toxic from mercury and lead from childhood. Dr. Lori has become an expert at cellular healing and detoxification, specializing in heavy metal removal and balancing hormones.

In 2011, she became Independent Business Owner with PURE. A company that distributes natural products to share super whole foods, essential oils and herbal supplements with her health participants. This company has a wide variety of products that she highly recommends to eat daily to keep the body healthy. The philosophy is to Be Healthy, Be Strong, Be Confident and Be Fulfilled. Click here to learn more:

In September 2015 she joined a mastermind group of natural doctors called "EPIC" with the mission to help educate the world on whole superfoods and highest quality bio-nutrients to aid the body to heal from the inside out. Dr. Lori completed a course in May 2016 to become an expert in nutrigenomics. This is based upon saliva testing from "23 and me" lab to analyze genetic SNP's from DNA. This information helps determine if there are any genetic weakness that were inherited in an individual. If weaknesses are found, then we devise a specific program that utilizes nutrition and lifestyle strategies to prevent illness, restore the body and thereby live with vitality.

The most precious commodity is the health of your body and it is worth the time and effort to achieve. Since Dr. Lori has personally experienced true cellular detoxification, her energy has been restored. Her passion is for natural healing and to help others restore their bodies, age gracefully and live life to its fullest.  


AANC - American Association of Nutritional Consultants

IFNH - International Foundation of Nutrition and Health

IAHP - International Association of HealthCare Professionals


2010 Rising Sun Award - Systemic Formulas

2011 Golden Sun Award - Systemic Formulas

2012 Kim Wheelwright Award - 

One Female practitioner honored each year whose significant accomplishments facilitated Systemic Formula's wellness vision

Golden Sun Award - Systemic Formulas

2013 Ambassador Award - Exceeding Expectations Systemic Formulas

Golden Sun Award - Systemic Formulas

2014 Presidential Award - For enhancing Systemic Formulas Wellness Vision

Platinum Sun Award - Systemic Formulas

2015 Golden Sun Award - Systemic Formulas

2016 Golden Sun Award - Systemic Formulas