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The Cellular Healing Diet controls inflammation throughout your body. This type of inflammation affects every organ, tissue, artery, blood vessel, hormone, and cell, and therefore determines your state of health. Studies indicate that inflammation is the root cause of the # 1 killers in America and the majority of the degenerative diseases we are facing today.



The Cellular Healing Diet achieves detoxification because it heals the cell membrane. True detoxification must occur at the cellular level. Nutrients must move in and toxins must come out in order for a cell to be clean and healthy. The cell membrane is the gate keeper that allows this to occur. The Standard American Diet (SAD) and our toxic environment cause the cell membrane to be inflamed. When the cell membrane becomes inflamed, the above process is hindered and the cell becomes toxic. To restore and heal a toxic cell, you must remove sugar and everything that turns to sugar.



Controlling inflammation (cytokines and PLA2) and removing toxins allow hormone receptors on the cell and hypothalamus, the control center of your brain, to heal and regenerate. Regenerating the receptors allow dysregulated hormones to balance and normalize. Most doctors treat hormone dysregulating by trying to balance individual hormones. This Healing Diet, along with Dr. Lori's detoxification protocols, treats upstream to get to the cause all hormone dysregulation.